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Listen for the change in Debbie's voice in the stanza indicated in boldface.


Debbie: And .. you know,

I've had this, this fam-, this other family.

There's my family -- 

It's all my family,

which always included his family as well -- his brother, his sister,

and it's as though .. that's gone, y'know.


Therapist:    So, you've lost more than just him. 

You've lost, sort of, his brothers and sisters --

Debbie   Yeah, that's what I feel

Therapist:    -- who were  like friends of yours, I mean.


Debbie   Well, his sis--

I've never,

I've never really got on well with his mum and his sister.

Because -

So that's not so much of a loss as, uh,


she's won. 


She's finally got what she wanted,

which was, she wanted him back --

and she wanted him away from me, basically. 


That's how I feel. 

Whether that's how she feels,

but that's how I fe--  



and this sort of thing's really been getting worse, y'know.

It's getting more mad, I think.


And, um, I still keep in touch with his other brother's wife.  . . .

 Session 1 (8:50-9:31)


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